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In December 2016 I met Maria.  We met via facebook where she shared inspiring and enlightening spiritual information with many people.  In May 2017 I decided to meet with her to do a spiritual coaching session. 


She helped me remember some things I had forgotten I could do and taught me a few new things.  She tuned up my energy and gave me tools to help me go further on my own.


Maria has a strong divine mother presence. Her energy and gifts have a magical starseed, goddess and elven quality.  She helped me learn how to receive light codes on my own and reminded me how to go deeper with my daily meditation and work to support other people. 


One thing she reminded me of is that sometimes the negative emotions we feel are other peoples’ emotion that we are helping transmute.  - Scot H. in Washington, D.C.

You know it in your heart and soul when you are drawn to something spiritually uplifting and magical. Such is the love, warmth and beautiful Goddess energies that Maria Nesa at The Living HeART radiates.

Using light language, sacred healing knowledge and personalized activated gems of magnificent beauty from Mother Gaia, Maria shares her gifts to guide and assist you in co-creating with her an organic experience.

Her techniques, nurture and assist in activating and healing your divine multi-dimensional self and should be an integral part of our future in creating our new golden age together.  - In love and light, Laura Mamer.

I Received two of Maria's very first Gem Creations. They were gifted to me as energetic support for my divine path. Upon receiving my bracelets I smiled with profound joy, examining and feeling the perfection of each gem, knowing that these most perfect bracelets were born as a co creation of our soul communication. Maria is a most pure channel of light!

As I wear them I feel deep grounded emotional stability as well as immense joy and bliss. Each gem serves as a talisman reminding me of the Truth and Beauty I am as a Christ Co-Creating with the Universe.

I Thank you and I Love you Maria Nesa!

In Peace and Beauty, Mayani.

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