11:11 Gateway Portal Crystalline Activation with Maria Nesa and Council of Light

Dear ones

What an amazing time it is that we are living in now as we witness our most inner soul growth expanding in the highest light.

The essence of our soul is being fully activated and re-calibrated to be in full harmony with the true Christ Self as we merge all inner planes in the Purest Light with assistance from our I AM Presence.

Codes of awakening and Healing have been streaming into the core of the planet from the Galactic Central Sun to activate throughout the earth plane for harmonious change and the expansion of our Light radius frequencies of amazing pure sound and light!

As the sacred sounds are anchored we are all lifted higher into our true being. An amazing time to celebrate in the Unity of our Hearts with pure Love and Light.

As we expand within the light, our natural inner gifts are activated and brought forth with new gifts in true mastery, to fully enhance our physical self in this merging

We are guided to really go within.

The Higher Self of each one is now very active in sending codes to all within the physical plane. The songs of Joy and Love is playing a harmonious melody throughout the Cosmos and we are celebrating as we sing and dance in the higher planes to the songs of pure Love!

A celebration indeed for all as we master into this new era!

I am offering a sacred 11:11 Crystalline Activation on November 11th 2017 and bookings are open from November 8th until the 11th for this Activation everyday at 4 PM UTC.

For your time please see this Link.

Please note that the date below does say Saturday although bookings are open everyday for 1 Hour.


I will guide you through a Crystalline Chakra Activation so that you are fully harmonized in all realms and planes.

Booking Package here for 10 am CST which is 4 pm UTC:


If you would like an individual session please make a booking for next week starting Sunday November 12th 2017.

In Joy, Love and Light

Maria Nesa

#Crystalline #1111 #ascension

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