I Am/ Higher Self Activations

October 21, 2017

The Living HeART is now offering Wisdom card readings for all bookings!


I am also offering the following as a choice of single bookings or package booking:

💜 Booking 1:

*Light Clearing and Implant removal!

Very effective and Proven to work! We will work with the Sacred Healing Rays that is brought forth from the highest plane of the logos connected to the Great Galactic Central Sun!

We will scan your Chakras within the physical, Astral and Etheric Realms and clear any unwanted implants as much as we can for a deeper connection with your I am!

💙 Booking 2:

*Harmonized Light Activation!

We will dive into a Sacred Light activation for your I am to assist you by merging all multidimensional selves In the light for complete balance and harmony!

A beautiful guided meditation will come forth here through me Maria Nesa as guided by higher self connection.

💖 Booking 3:

* Etheric I am Light Shielding!

We will work with your Higher self to amplify your shields for a Radiant you so that you are always aware of the Presence and Power of your own Light and Co creator Gifts!

Purchase three bookings above as a package here:


See link below for various Gemstone Jewelry bookings available:

*Sacred Gemstone Jewelry Co creation!

I offer various Sacred Gemstone and Crystal beaded Jewelry that will assist your light body in various ways as guided. Handmade Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings and Earrings!

All Gemstone Jewelry comes with a special card with Sacred Harmonization and Healing Light Codes!

 Choose your option for a 30 minute - 1 hour booking or choose all options and make 3-4 bookings that fit your schedule, available times here:Come join me Maria Nesa as I assist you with:https://www.thelivingheart.net/bookings

>>>>>***  Book now ***<<<<<




Maria Nesa



Online Shop:



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