Inner Heart Remembrance & The New Lemuria

In the Pure Stillness of the Heart there is Inner Peace, Joy, Love, Acceptance, Grace, Wisdom, Purity, Consciousness, Perfection, Abundance, Remembrance, Appreciation, Balance, Beauty, Benevolence, Creativity, Empathy, Excitement, Generosity, Happiness, Kindness, Serenity, Pure Perfection, wholeheartedness, Tranquility...

Remembrance of your Soul's Light and your Purpose in this Realm is awakening in each moment as you gracefully accept your duty as an incarnated Being of Love, Within the Purest Light through all realms.

As we Walk/Fly on this Journey of Love, let us open our hearts to all that is Within and Feel what is required in each Present Moment for the Purpose of Purest Love.

Maria Nesa

Revelations of the New Lemuria

"breath. Allow all remembrances and pain to be felt fully without suppressing anything.

This is how you will bring forth your healing, increment by increment.

As you inhale the pain through the breath, those imprints will dissolve and be healed forever. Ask your Higher Self to assist you in

uncovering those records that are keeping you from moving forward towards your new glorious reality.

In your daily meditation, we ask you to do this work faith- fully until you feel completion. Connect with us and with our Love, heart to heart. Ask for our assistance and we will

be there with you as you do this most important inner work.

All of us in Telos are eager to assist all of you who will reach out to us in your hearts. We are a civilization which has achieved great heart openings and our vibration pulses with

the Heart of the Divine Mother. Gradually, the deep-seated pain will be lifted and you will feel much lighter. The clear- ing of this pain will also assist you in the opening of your

remembrance and the perceiving of your true identity.

It will allow you to make giant leaps into your full spiritual, emotional and physical evolution and renewal.

We invite you to come to Telos at night while your body sleeps. We have many spiritual counselors who are will- ing to work with you. Each one who comes is assigned three counselors who will work with you very closely. One focuses on healing the emotional body, another focuses on healing the mental body and the third focuses on healing

the etheric body, all together in oneness with your Divine Presence."

"Eventually, other races from Sirius, Alpha Centauri, the Pleiades and a few other planets came and joined these "seed” souls to evolve here as well. These races mixed to- gether to form the Lemurian civilization. To say the least, it was quite an awesome mixture! Lemuria, the “Motherland,” became the cradle of an enlightened civilization on this

planet, assisting in the eventual birth of many other civili- zations, including Atlantis."

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