The Living Heart is available for Bookings:

Mondays and Fridays: 10am CDT - 3:00pm CDT


All booking times is set in CDT (Central Standard Time).

If you live in a different time zone, please make sure what time we will meet when you receive your booking confirmation via email.

You can visit this website to see your time:

Above time is for long distance reiki and for consultations for gemstone jewelry worldwide.

*ALL Payments in Full when Confirming Bookings Please.

Refunds can only be made if cancelations are made 24 hours in advance. 

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*If You wish to have a consultation for Personalized Gemstone jewelry, I would be happy to assist, please book a consultation.

*I work in a sacred harmonized field to create the best products for you the buyer. 

Each product or Gemstone creation that I create is made with inner guidance and created with Love.

Maria Nesa

Founder of The Living Heart

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