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Gemstone Jewelry

Living HeART Activates the Essence that will Guide you to a State of Wholeness, Clarity, Abundance, Peace, Joy and Love. Within each Aspect of your being you will be guided on a conscious life Path to Open your Heart to all that is Already Given and the Realization within you for Full Activation of Abundance in each area of your being and life.

Living HeART offers Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry Creation which Act to support you in Harmonizing the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit by Innerstanding, Knowing and Acknowledging the Light and Love you hold within. Light Body Activation assistance, Empowerment, Self Mastery Remembrance, Spiritual Mastery Classes, Ascension support and more.

Living heart offers: One-on-One Coherence via Skype/Video/Phone/In-Person to guide you. Handmade/Customized Sacred Gemstone Jewelry for Women and Men to Balance/Enhance/Support your Energy field/soul/heart and artwork with light codes and healing elements that enhance Light Activation and vibrational increase.    

Once you initiate this Journey your Heart will be Activated with Pure Source Light and with the guidance of our higher selves, your wings will take full flight in each Realm of Light.

Walking on this Journey of remembering will bring forth the Golden footprints of your Soul, your Highest Essence of Self and the Key to unlock your highest potential.

We are all connected like threads of a fractal, a part of the Whole, a Spark of the entire Spectrum of Light.


I am happy to Guide you now on this remarkable journey of LOVE.















What is it that you require in this Now Moment for your Soul Growth on the path to Wholeness? I Will Guide you with an Activation and an Empowerment so that you Fully Awaken to the Essence of your Highest Self, knowing that you are always flowing in Harmony in all Realms and Dimensions.

 Light from within... 


Activating Light within the depth of your being by knowing that you are a Co Creator, so that you Thrive in Abundance Within each Realm. 



Reminding you that you are always Co Creating with your Higher Self. Let us always be Grateful of the Sacred Gifts and messages from our Highest aspect of Self, for the Gem Ancestors and by knowing that each one of us is always all knowing when we allow ourselves to open our Hearts to the Light within each essence of our being. 


Co Creating... 


Synergistic power of the right blends of Gemstones await you as I facilitate an empowerment as I evaluate your light body to see what requires most attention now!

Is it a Sacred Gemstone Bracelet on your left or right arm, a personalized Gemstone Necklace or a Set of Gem Earrings or all of the above that will Remind you each Day of the Light and Love you hold Within?


With the Assistance from the Gemstone, Crystal and Ancestral King/QueenDOMS I will create the MOST HARMONIOUS GLOWING GEMSTONE creation personalized JUST FOR YOU!


Each 1 Hour Session for a Gemstone Bracelet, Necklace or Earring set comes with an Empowerment Activation.

Before we start with your Session:

Allow yourself to connect to the earth, to ground and to become still, connecting to your Higher Self for a few moments and then take a few breaths, allowing you to be in Sacred Service to Self as we co create together.


First I will Listen to you and take notes of all your requests for the most beautiful Gemstone Jewelry and then I will Facilitate an Empowerment Activation with the Intent to bring you to a Space of Clarity, Ease and Grace. In this Space you are always in full Awareness of Self, within the Pure Center of your being, the zero point (you can envision yourself within the Sun, observing all around you in Absolute perfection) so that you can Manifest all you wish to bring forth for complete abundance in each aspect of your life within all realms and to Co Create your Sacred Gem for a Full Activation.


We will connect Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul and delve deep into all Realms for Complete Wholeness, Shining Light within each Temple of your Being. The Quest for Knowledge of the Infinite You, the highest aspect of you for full Balance of Mind, Body and Soul. 


All Healing Gemstones,


Necklace/s and

Earring Sets

are activated with the Highest Light from the Creator Crystal King/Queendoms, infused with Light and Love.


Each Bead/Charm/Gemstone is individually picked with Intuitive Guidance during Consultation.

Each Bracelet/Necklace/Set of Earrings is Created to ensure that each bead activates in all Realms in the etheric realm within your Light Body Radius to always Generate Pure Love and Light.


In Joy, Love & Light

Maria Nesa



Some Details...



Intuitively Guided Gemstone Necklace & Empowerment Activation (1 Hour)

*Gemstone Bead sizes for Necklaces vary from 6mm(most popular), 8mm, 10mm.

- We can add larger beads (8mm/10mm) with smaller 6mm beads upon your request.

- Necklace Material Options: Gold or Stainless steel jewelry wire or string.

- With or without Magnetic Clips or Clasps and rings with crimps.

​- Centerpiece Gemstone Type made available or discussed during consultation.




Intuitively Guided Gemstone Bracelet and Empowerment Activation  (1 Hour)

- Gemstone Bead sizes for bracelets vary from 6mm(most popular), 8mm, 10mm.

- We can add 4-8 larger beads (8mm/10mm) with smaller 6mm beads upon your request.

​- Charms available upon request and types/sizes made available during consultation.

- Bracelet material Options between:

 - Color coated Stainless steel beading wire, clasp, Ring and Crimps

or Stretch Magic/Power Stretch Flexible Jewelry Cord.




Intuitively Guided Gemstone Earrings and Empowerment Activation (1 Hour)


- Gemstone Bead sizes for Earrings vary from 6mm(most popular), 8mm, 10mm. Gold or silver hooks.

- Gold or Silver Hook Ear Wire.

- Gold or Silver Findings.

The Living Heart is available for Bookings:

Mondays - Sundays: 10am-06pm CST

All booking times are set in CDT(Central Time Zone). 

If you live in a different time zone, please make sure what time we will meet when you receive your booking confirmation via email.​

You can visit this website to see your time:

*Payments in Full via Paypal, Credit or Debit cards when Confirming Bookings.

*If You wish to Co Create a Personalized Gemstone Creation I would be happy to assist and negotiate pricing. 

*I work in a sacred harmonized field to create personalized Gemstone Jewelry.

Each Gemstone creation that I create is woven in co creation with our higher selves and created with Pure Source Light. Advanced Pleiadian Technology is used in the space of creation and all Jewelry and Gemstones is blessed with tachyonized stones for 24 hours.

Each Handcrafted Gemstone jewelry piece comes with a handmade Light Activation Diamond/Spiral Sigil designed and activated with harmonizing light by Maria Nesa. 

Maria Nesa

Founder of The Living Heart


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