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Are You ready for the journey inward...
The Living Heart - Inner Meditation Practice and Guidance
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Heart-Centered Awareness

My wish is to inspire many with Heart-Centered Awareness, Meditational Practices, Higher Self Awareness and more with in-depth video courses on how to live from the Heart, connected to the higher self and practicing meditation daily, for a more peaceful and conscious state of being. 

Inclusive are merchandise with designs by Maria Nesa from The Living Heart!

Be sure to share what is offered here with your friends and family and have them sign up so we can gather all and unite in heart consciousness and  more conscious living awareness once more!  

We will be discussing many interesting topics throughout the month and a video series for each part is available here:


In this Series we will take an in-depth look at how to be more Heart Centered. 

- Expanding the Heart through Conscious Living.

- Mindfulness

- Awareness of a Heart-Centered state of being.

- Bridging Frequencies

-  Diving into Heart based decisions

-  Awakening to the zero-centered state of being.

- Heart Consciousness

- Affirmations

- Connecting to Goddess Energy.

- Higher self connection. 

- Inner Telepathy and Conscious Thoughts and Words. 

- Inner Source Light - Highest Self Activation.

- Authentic self Empowerment. 

- Emotional body connection and harmonizing.



Higher Self Awareness

In this Series we will take an in-depth look at how to connect to the Higher Self.- Higher Self Connection.- Embodying the Higher self essence.- Connecting to Soul family members in a higher self state.- Expanding self growth by enhancing higher self connection.- Higher self Awareness.- Activating the Higher Self in each plane and merging all the selves as one. - Higher octave initiation work. 

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Inner Meditation Guidance

This Video Series is for the Developed Heart in full Heart-Centered Awareness.


If you are ready to dive into Meditational Practice with Maria and fully connecting to the Heart on a Higher level.


The Pure Source Connection and the Consciousness of the Heart Based Living, to live authentically and to have heart bases connections in your daily life. 

-Tools for Meditation
- Heart Awakening and Inner Light Cleanse
- Light Meditations
- Higher Self Connection via Meditation
- Awakening Within
- Manifesting through inner meditation
- Consciousness expansion 
- Elevation of Frequency
- Harmony, Balance, Bliss, Peace and Joy manifestation.

The Living Heart is Featured in bodymindsoul magazine >>>>
Maria writes:
"The Emergence of the True Self"

In Vol.32 The Mystical Light.
Scroll to Page 60-64.
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9:00 am - 5:00 pm

White Sand and Stone
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